February 20, 2014

Thanks for Joining Us! And Here's More...

We're sending a huge shoutout to the educators who just joined us for our professional learning kick-off webinar, Create Your EdTech Network! Here's what we did:

  • Used Google Docs to facilitate a dynamic real-time brainstorm about how informal learning networks shape our professional learning networks (PLN).
  • Brainstormed our wonderings, explorations, challenges, and ideas around leveraging educational technology in learning.
  • Got our community excited about combining social media like Twitter, blogs, Google+ and more, with face to face sessions lead by community members and supported by the ILT team.
  • If you haven't yet filled our our quick post-event survey (we used Google Forms to create it), please click here! Your feedback will help shape our direction!

Want more? We've got it!

If you missed the webinar, not to worry! Not only will we post a recording in the next few days, but we have provided you with the following resources that you can use immediately. Click here to find:

  • PPT slides with visuals explaining how we plan to connect existing and new networks through face to face and digital means
  • Clips of CBE teachers discussing how they currently use networks for professional learning
  • Google Docs that all of our participants used to brainstorm during the webinar
  • Links to additional resources
Coming up next

We've planned a face to face session that will help to build our connections across existing and new professional learning networks. We don't have all the answers, so we will discover them while learning and problem-solving together. The questions, wonderings, solutions, and innovations that you bring will be the basis upon which we facilitate and plan professional learning opportunities with and for you

What: Connect in 3-D With Your EdTech PLN! - Face to Face Session
When: Tues, Feb 25, 2014, 4:30 - 6:00 pm

Where: Career & Technology Centre 2336 53 Ave SW
Resources: Check back soon for a link to our session resources in CORE
Audience: All educators. Register now.

We will:
  • Participate in engaging activities by connecting with your colleagues, and work on your questions, wonderings, experiments, challenges, and ideas around leveraging educational technology for learning.
  • Discuss ideas for your next steps and explorations. How can ILT support your work? What questions do you have for the networks?

Questions? Email us at iltatthecbe@gmail.com or Tweet us @cbeilt

See you online and in person!

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