June 16, 2015

updates | Design the Shift

The Design Team for Design the Shift 2015 has recently met and worked out a few details around planning for Design the Shift. If you signed up for the August 10 & 11th session, we will be working with you to determine a date for our third session. Due to this, this tentative schedule may be rejigged a bit to enable you to go to your schools on August 12 with a plan of action.

Here’s a tentative description of the three days. Keep in mind that the design process is responsive so this is certainly not set in stone!
DAY 1: Design Immersion Day
The purpose of this day will be to immerse you in the design thinking process. In doing so, you will identify a problem of practice that you wish to solve through your task design. In addition, you will have gotten to know your fellow participants and established a culture of creative trust. By the end of this day, you will have an idea of a problem of practice you will solve through your task design.

DAY 2: Inspiration Day
The purpose of this day is to help you think outside the box in designing your learning experience. This day is intentionally designed to inspire creative thinking and generate ideas.
We will be taking some field trips during Day 2 to let you experience learning outside of the four walls of the classroom and gather inspiration for your task design.
By the end of this day, you will have an idea for the learning experience you will design for your students.

DAY 3: Prototyping Day
The purpose of this day will be to use all the inspiration and ideas you gathered to work out a prototype of the task you will engage your students in. By the end of this day, you will have a project plan that you will have received feedback from your colleagues about. You will feel confident in bringing this plan back to your school to try it out with your students.

Some information about support throughout the school year:
To support this work, some resources will be required to bring your idea to fruition. Support will be provided to you to do this. Though we aren’t exactly certain as to the exact nature of this support, this support could come in the form of sub release time for you to collaborate with others, or supplies for your students to use in the task. More details about this will be solidified once registration is closed. 

Registration Deadline
The deadline to sign up is Friday, June 19th. The link to sign up is here.

Please contact Erin Quinn at elquinn@cbe.ab.ca or Tracy Dalton at tadalton@cbe.ab.ca.

We are so excited about August!

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