June 25, 2015

Ed Tech Updates - June 2015

Get Ready for Fall - Digital Citizenship Planning
To support you in the process of creating your school's digital citizenship plan, we have developed a 4-step process. Schools will complete a digital citizenship plan by Oct 31 of each school year. School DC plans are to be revised annually in the DC section of the Technology Footprint and reviewed throughout the year.

Content Filtering Action Site
The CBE has launched the Content Filtering Action Site, which allows users to quickly and easily request a URL reclassification, a school filtering level change, or access further supports. To access the site while in a school, go to contentfiltering.cbe.ab.ca or access it through the Technology Footprint.

Dragon Dictate and Dragon Naturally Speaking
As of September 2015 Dragon will no longer be offered as a system license. Licenses can still be purchased at a school level. Communication regarding this has been sent to Principals.

SMART Notebook Software
SMART Notebook 11.4 is the system-supported software for use with all SMART boards, including the new SMART 6065 flat panel board. Notebook 11.4 also remains available for home use. For home use installation information please go to http://www.cbe.ab.ca/programs/technology-for-learning/Pages/default.aspx
One license of SMART Notebook 2015 comes with each SMART 6065 board, which gives the school the option to install the software on 4 devices. Schools may use Notebook 2015 if they wish to investigate and evaluate its features and value. Client Technology Services and Learning Innovation will work alongside schools to gather Notebook 2015 feedback.

Adobe Software
The CBE has now signed the agreement with the province, for the next three years, which gives access to the entire Adobe Creative Cloud Suite and Elements versions of the software for all schools and Service Units across the system, as well as a teacher home use agreement. The student home use piece is still in negotiations.
The bundles of Adobe software will be available in the third week of September.  CBE has received the license keys and the Client Technology Services Team is now in the process of building and testing the software packages that will be needed to do the installations at schools. This is a necessary first step to ensure that the software will be usable within our network. Once the installation packages are ready, school based technology services specialists will be able to guide schools on where to find them, the choices available, and how to deploy them effectively.
The current Digital School Collection (Elements) and Adobe CS6 licenses will no longer work after July 2015, and these installations will be automatically removed.  Schools should plan for access to begin deploying the new Creative Cloud version of the software in late September, 2015.
Information  about where and how teachers can access the home use agreement for the new contract is not yet available. As soon as it is available, it will be communicated to the system.

Brightspace by D2L
In 2015-16 Brightspace will be open for business starting August 10!  This will be exciting news for our modified calendar colleagues.
Don’t forget to end-date or inactive your courses before you go home for Summer. You can find out more about how to inactivate courses in our Blog. http://www.cbeilc.info/D2L-support/course-management-inactivate-shells/
Read more about what we are working on for next year, including professional learning for August. http://www.cbeilc.info/D2L/?p=757
Questions about D2L? Email tadalton@cbe.ab.ca.

Future of Learning Classroom (Education Centre)
The Future of Learning Lab is a room in the Education Centre that houses many innovative technologies and teaching tools. School staffs can book this space to engage in professional learning in the areas of technology, maker education, design thinking, CTF, or any other topic that might benefit from a collaborative, innovative space. Teachers may also arrange to bring students to the Future of Learning Lab for field trips. Teachers and students can explore everything from 3D printing to robotics to low tech tinkering. Please contact Erin Quinn at elquinn@cbe.ab.ca to discuss booking.

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