April 16, 2015

design thinking summer institute - Centennial HS

Outdoor and Environmental Science - Centennial High School'
Carter Cox, Adam Sandbeck, Kenzie Rushton

Students at Centennial HS have the opportunity to combine a passion for outdoor education with their learning in Science, Phys. Ed, Career and Technology Studies and CALM.

Three teachers came together last summer to design the next phase of their OES program.

We are re-designing the way we deliver and assess the human system learning outcomes from Bio 20, Chem 20, CTS 2010 (Wilderness First Aid WFA) and CALM.

Our project was extremely successful for the students, however we were unable to implement all of our original ideas.  The integration of the human systems from the Bio 20 curriculum and the CTS credits and certification in wilderness first aid worked very well.  A first draft booklet was created for the students to help with the practical implementation of human systems theory to real life first aid scenarios.  The students were able to demonstrate a higher level of understanding of human systems as it directly relates to wilderness first aid scenarios.  The students memory recall showed improvements on tests and as a result the students were able to obtain their certification.

The grade 12 students were unable to design simulations for the grade 11’s and therefore we were unable to be able to model simulations for the gr 11’s to design.  This is our ultimate goal for next year, to re-think how the gr 11’s will have enough time to design their simulations and provide the ultimate form of assessment.  

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