April 28, 2015

design thinking summer institute - Ernest Manning HS

High School Football Concussion Study - 2014 Impact Awareness Program (IAP)
Wayde Byemoen

Monitor and collect data on every head impact within our high school football program (all practices and games) at Ernest manning High School.  This program is referred to as the 2014 Impact Awareness Program (IAP).

This project has had a huge impact on both the practical and theoretical aspects of my teaching practice. It has allowed me and the students to bring meaningful, real world data and information from the field into the classroom.  The 2014 IAP has involved and engaged over 75 sports medicine students and 100 football players during the first semester alone. Additionally, it has provided a framework of understanding about similar contact sports and head injuries that I/we discuss during the second semester.  

Work on this project reinforced my belief in the value of cross-disciplinary work for both students and staff.  Not only were students able to bring and represent their experiences and learning from this program into other core courses they taking but the program also served to build personal and professional connections between teaching staff centered around the learning and growth of our students.   

This project from a student perspective has yielded more engagement on a per student basis than any other single CTS project that I am aware of.  This project directly impacts the learning of several hundred students on a variety of levels.  As a result, engagement and enrollment within the Sports Medicine program here at Ernest Manning HS are at all times highs.    

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