May 28, 2014

Calling All Teachers and Students: Google Show & Share Webinar

Through the ongoing feedback and ideas from our networks we are evolving the concept of the Google Show and Share and taking it to a new level by including student voice in our May 29th webinar (10:30-11:30 am). We are so excited! Tomorrow three CBE educators and their students will be sharing how they are using Google Apps for Education in their classrooms and schools.

Here is a sneak-a-peak of just some of the "GAFE in action" ideas being shared by students and teachers tomorrow:

  • learning through juicy questions
  • sharing learning
  • formative assessment through Google Forms
  • collaboration on group projects
  • how Google Drive has impacted the use of iPads
  • increasing awareness of learning
  • maximizing productivity
We are hosting this webinar during school hours in order to create an opportunity for teachers and students across the CBE to come together to learn and share online. We encourage you to join the webinar with: your students, your colleagues, other classrooms in your school, students in your learning commons. It can be projected on a SmartBoard for a large group to gather round and take part in the learning. There will be opportunities to ask questions throughout the session using the chat feature or your mic. 
Access the webinar room: 

The session will be hosted using the web conferencing interface, Adobe Connect. If you have never attended an Adobe Connect webinar before, the following resources may be helpful:

Important Notes
  • If possible, please access the webinar room at least 15 minutes before the start of the session to provide time to go through the audio set-up wizard (located under the "meeting" menu when you are in the webinar room)
  • For best performance it is recommended you use a hard-wired connection (blue cord) if possible and turn off your wifi connection
  • If you think you will ask questions using audio during the session, an external microphone is recommended (questions can also be submitted through the chat interface)
  • Please make sure you connect your headset/microphone to your computer prior to entering the webinar room.
Can't Attend? No Problem!
If you are unable to attend this session the recording will be available later in CORE. We have a variety of ways to stay connected and to find out when resources are available. Choose the one(s) that work for you!
Looking forward to seeing you online tomorrow morning!

Tannis Emann
on behalf of the ILT team

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