May 08, 2014

Keep on Moving!

PLN's are growing! The networks are sharing and we are very excited about all the opportunities that lie ahead.  Just to give you some perspective, in two months we have had over:
  • 4000 views on this blog
  • 160 educators join the Google+ community
  • 270 followers on the @cbeilt Twitter community
We've been following, responding, and listening attentively to what CBE educators have to say. Here are just a few ed tech transactions that have taken place in the G+ community:
  • All things Maker
    • Maker Kits are being piloted in some CBE schools in the hopes of being offered to all schools in the near future. Brian Simmon's at Twelve Mile Coulee has shared some of his experiences with Maker Kits in the Classroom.
    • Maker Stations are popping up everywhere and Mike MacKenzie at Keeler School is on it.  He shares his school's Learning Commons story and explains how students come to build when the tools are offered.
  • Google Apps
  • 64 Days of Learning
  • Using social media to connect with the world
There is so much more learning ahead and that's why ILT will be offering more PLN sessions in May and June.  

PLN Networking:
May 8 and 27 at 4:30

Show and Shares:
Mobile Learning on May 22
Google on May 29 (with students)

Student Moderation on May 13
CIA Networking on May 14

Learning Commons:
3D Printing on May 28
Library to Learning Commons on June 2

To register for any of these sessions, please look at the calendar widget on the right and view the description details. 

Shafina Dharamsi 
on behalf of the ILT team

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