March 10, 2014

Online Professional Learning Networking Blitz

Get ready to jump in virtually with both feet and build your Ed Tech connections. It's been a long, cold winter and Spring Break is on the horizon, so let's make this easy! You don't need to leave the comfort of your own digital space in order to share, connect, chat, and learn together. Over the next 2 weeks ILT is doing an online networking blitz to really take advantage of the online opportunities that are available.

Join us in an online journey together as we:
  • share sources of inspiration and innovations in the world of edtech
  • discuss the supports and professional learning offerings you need as you delve into your inquiries
  • challenge ourselves to think deeply about how we interact and learn online
  • ponder current challenges and topics in edtech that are relevant to you
  • chat about the role of digital leadership in your schools
  • reach out to others and broaden our networks
Where will the journey take place? Meet us online in our Google+ Community, Twitter and right here on this blog.

Looking forward to connecting with you online!

Posted by: Tannis Emann
on behalf of the ILT team

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