March 12, 2014

Building a Culture of Digital Citizenship

With all that is happening in Education today, it’s more important than ever that our schools are places that both model good digital citizenship and support our learners in becoming good digital citizens, so today’s post is focused on Digital Citizenship (DC).

To begin, we wanted to share some work our team has been doing related to DC. Last Friday, Innovation and Learning Technology launched the latest installment in our Ed Talks: Digital Citizenship – The mini series. The first episode, Growing Healthy Habits, focused on helping students learn about how to use technology and the internet both at home and at school, in ways that are safe and healthy. Today we launched the second episode: Building a Culture of Digital Citizenship. This episode focuses on what schools can do to build  a strong culture of digital citizenship in their buildings. Be sure to check it out for some really good ideas and examples of strategies for building strong DC. Next week we will be launching the last episode in the series, DC and Professionalism, in which we explore the rights and responsibilities we have as educators when it comes to using technology and modeling digital citizenship.

The Ed Talks are a great place to start, and in preparing the Ed Talks we were able to talk with many teachers about the interesting and creative ways they are engaging with students around DC. 

Creating Engaged Citizens by using Twitter and KidBlog with Kindergarten students

Kindergarten teachers, Heather McKay and Jaime Hatchette, from Andrew Sibbald School spoke about the importance of starting with our youngest learners to build DC skills and how they use generic Twitter and Blogging accounts to help build student awareness and knowledge of DC principles. Click on the images below to watch the videos in CORE.   


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