March 06, 2014

25 Years after Roots comes Digital Citizenship the Mini-Series on "CBE Ed Talks"

As we increase the variety of ways teachers and students interact with technology on a daily basis, it is more important than ever that our schools are places that model good digital citizenship and support our learners in becoming good digital citizens. To learn more, watch our Ed Talks mini-series, starting this week. These videos provide excellent information and perspective on what it means to be a good digital citizen. They also help define our role as educators in helping our learners to become good digital citizens.

DC Ed Talk - Growing Healthy Habits link Part 1 - Digital Citizenship: Growing Healthy Habits
Digital Citizenship is becoming an important and integral component of all schools and businesses. To gain some perspective on student understanding of Digital Citizenship, we invite you to watch part one in our digital citizenship mini-series. ​
Links to video
CBE Staff Insite Link
CORE Public Link
​Part 2 – Digital Citizenship: Building a Culture of Digital Citizenship – coming next week!
What does it look like when there is a culture of digital citizenship in a school? How do schools make their digital citizenship plan come to life? To find the answers to these questions visit our website next week to watch part two in our mini-series.
​Part 3 - Digital Citizenship: Professional Rights and Responsibilities - coming March 17, 2014
As educators, we play a critical role in modeling and practicing good digital citizenship. We also have an important role to play in protecting the privacy and personal data of our students when using technology. To learn more about our professional rights and responsibilities watch part three in our mini-series.

Post by: Sue Bell
Education Specialist, Innovation & Learning Technology. 

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