April 03, 2014

Skype Opens the Classroom to the World

Grade 2 Bilingual Classes from Canyon Meadows and Dalhousie Collaborate with a School from Colombia

I started using Skype around 2 and half years ago. Since it was sometimes challenging to find a Skype buddy, I opened the Skype opportunities to other colleagues from a different school within the CBE, and from the same school. Although being in the same place, school or city, for students, Skyping has always been very engaging and exciting. It has provided them with the opportunity to meaningfully communicate in a second language. Students have shared classroom projects, celebrated special days and used Skype to get to know one another. Engaging in conversations in Spanish and sharing with students who are going through the same process of learning a second language has been powerful in learning (and teaching!). Students have a sense of achievement; it brings up their self-esteem and consequently their interest in learning Spanish
We have hosted guest speakers from Colombia via Skype and I recently started using Skype with parent volunteers for Reading Time in both English and Spanish. It has been another option for parents to contribute and participate in their child’s learning.
Sandra Alonso – Canyon Meadows School

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