September 16, 2016

offer | Arduino Workshop

New to Ardruino or a seasoned veteran? Come join Mitchell Way as we unpack and play with the Grove System. Plenty of time to learn and play. Time will be set-aside for those who would like to design tasks and assessment practices. 

A bit about Mitchell Way: It began with a SumoBot; bought as a gift to myself after graduating from an Ed degree. A mass of servos and microcontrollers that led me down the path of electronics and Robotics. Over the first summer it was built, programmed, reprogrammed and rebuilt. A few years later, that passion became a job. That was a few years and a couple hundred Robotics students ago. Since then I have been working to educate students on how the core pieces of their technology functions. My favorite platform is the open-source Arduino system, and it's snap in Grove companions. As CTS LL at Nelson Mandela High School I am proud to be building and teaching through a brand new electronics lab focusing on electronics, programming, Robotics and Pre-Engineering. 

Date and Time: September 30th, 1:00 - 3:30

Note: Please ensure you request permission from your administration to participate. No sub coverage provided.

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