February 17, 2016

Workshop Opportunity: MakeFashion

MakeFashion is a fashion show that takes place annually here in Calgary, and is on the bleeding edge of innovation in terms of smashing together high fashion with technology. Fashion designers are paired with technologists and engineers, and the collaborative work that results is pretty incredible!
Photography: Rafal Wegiel Photography | Models: Millie Jayne, Natalka Lewis | Makeup: Ivonne Arsenault

As you can see, this gown is a true team effort. The team is:
Virtually Vogue team is:

  • Catherine Hazin: Team Lead. Fuelled by her fine arts degree and a passion for bridal fashion, Catherine designed the Virually Vogue layered pencil skirt ensemble, and is acting project manager for the team.
  • Dan Damron: Lead Engineer. He is responsible for researching and sourcing most of the electronics, and for programming and writing all of the code required to make the dresses function.
  • Kelly Hofer: Designer/Engineer. In addition to co-designing the Victorian inspired hoop dress, he was also responsible for troubleshooting much of the technical design. Kelly learned his making skills on the hutterite colony where he grew up. With a wide range of skills from 3d design, lighting design, some programming, electrical engineering, sewing, metal work and many others.
  • Dianne Gibson: Master Sewer/Fashion Designer by trade, specializing in custom corsets. Her level of experience and expert skill are apparent in the garments construction.
Information about this gown from Virtually Vogue.

The CBE is so fortunate to have a great relationship with the minds behind this incredible event. We have all agreed that this would be an incredible opportunity for students to become involved in - it is a true and authentic example of interdisciplinary work in action. 

To that end, we are offering a workshop for teachers and students on Wednesday, February 24th. Our MakeFashion friends will be hosting us at ARCHEloft (formerly Endeavour Arts Gallery), which is located at #200 1209 First Street SW. The workshop will be from 4:30 - 7:30pm. The workshop will be hands-on, and will teach you how to incorporate various technologies into clothing and fashion.

From this workshop, there may be an opportunity for several participants' students to create a design for the MakeFashion runway - an incredible, world-renowned opportunity for students to add to their portfolio.

There is no cost for the workshop, though the technologies we use during the workshop will be available for sale.

Note: Should students wish to attend, please ensure they have their own transportation to and from the event. This is not a CBE-sponsored field trip.

If you have questions, please contact Tracy Dalton or Erin Quinn.

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